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The founders of LabScion believe that every diagnostic lab in India, however small it be, has the right to march alongside the leading lab chains and not get left behind. It has to be able to provide similar customer experience and operate as efficiently as the leading lab chains. It has to be able to work on similar, well-informed business parameters and should have the ability to grow based on a strong, customer & process-oriented foundation.

Towards this objective, we have created a best-in-class, cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS) that we offer on a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) model to independent/small diagnostic labs at an affordable price, a price that is a fraction of the amount the larger lab chains spend, a price that they can recover in no time due to the features offered by our software. Our end-goal is to see the independent/small diagnostic labs do extremely well, with their patients benefitting from the convenience offered by our software in undergoing diagnostic tests, in storing their health records and seeing better health outcomes from the features we shall continue to add for their benefit.

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