The Perks Of Using LIMS In Laboratory

Managing hundreds or thousands of samples is a tiresome task for any laboratory in the world. It is completely the sheer dedication and hard work of healthcare employees that they are doing it for years. But, now the time has changed! All thanks to the LIMS. LIMS or Laboratory Information Management System is software that is widely used in labs to manage data and samples. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that LIMS has made life easier for everyone. Let’s dive deep into this and check out some of the major perks of having a lab management system below:

Life-Saving System

Time is the most precious thing! Who will know this better than those working in labs or hospitals. Especially, when the report is showing some critical values that may pose a danger to a patient’s safety. A good LIS has a specific panic warning solution that enables the system to give the prescribing physician an automatic alarm. The doctor will take decisive action accordingly and thus working as a lifesaving function.

Paperless Management

Managing everything on paper is not only hectic stuff but also a messy one. The introduction of LIMS has solved this problem as everything is managed digitally.  You can conveniently log patients, produce bills and records, and keep track of all details using LIS. On top of that, it would be better if you have cloud-based LIMS as it helps you to store all the files in secure cloud storage centers that include data backup and recovery.

Eliminates Human Error

By merging test equipment and instruments on a single stable network, laboratories can maximize performance by orders of magnitude. This helps data to be transmitted from the device to the laboratory information system, thus removes human error and save time.

Boost Revenue

Nowadays, LIMS are coming fully equipped with MIS i.e., Management Information System, which provides operational and financial reports in a wide range of formats. Modern LIMS allows laboratory owners to gather data, study patterns, and detailed forecasts. These forecasts are useful for practical assessments in the field of laboratory operations and help in revenue generation.

Inventory Management

The most common and disturbing problem any laboratory faces is everyday resource management. These problems can however be solved effectively with the introduction of a new LIMS. The control of inventories is one of LIMS’s advantages, which means productive ways to store, register, stock, and track your inventory.

Reduce Workload

LIMS automates many tasks thus reduce the workload of the employees of the lab. From report generation to its tracking, it offers every record accurately without letting anyone break a sweat.

Saves Time

Earlier, collecting and transferring samples was a time taking process(including tracking the outgoing samples and reenrolling the input samples). Sample monitoring modules in modern LIMS make all of this as easy as scanning a barcode. Besides, when a sample is obtained and bar-coded, the Sample Workflow Manager in Lab Information Systems (LIS) automates the sample handling process, enabling the practitioner to monitor samples in real-time.

In-Depth Analysis

LIMS allows you to further assess your laboratory and business areas. It enables you to produce reports and research numerous areas in which sales leaks and other bottlenecks are easily traced. With just a key, you can evaluate your laboratory with such valuable knowledge which will help you make smarter choices for the future.

Automated Report Distribution

One of the biggest advantages of LIMS is the automated distribution of papers. The reporting of emails or smartphone devices not only saves administrative time but also increases patients’ and organizational collaborators’ views of reliability and comfort.


The emergence of LIMS has helped labs to a great extent. It has now become an important part of the healthcare ecosystem by reducing workload and error-free report generation. However, even the quality of the system can vary depending upon its features. Thus, to choose the best LIMS software in India, it is important to check whether all the necessary features, which your lab needs are available in it or not. 

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